Broaden your Horizon - Visit Broadstairs!

von Team Glasfachschule

Broaden your Horizon - Visit Broadstairs!

School trip to Broadstairs in Kent: An unforgettable experience for the students of the Glasfachschule.

English is the modern lingua franca and essential for successful communication in international competition. Since 2016, students of the Glasfachschule have been able to participate in a job-related English language course on the topic of "Design and Advertising" to improve their language skills. This two-week project is also supported by the European Union as part of Erasmus+ and takes place with our partner, the Kent School of English, accredited by the British Council, in Broadstairs.

Recently, 40 students from the Glasfachschule in Rheinbach had the great pleasure of taking a school trip to Kent, England, after a three-year break due to the pandemic. The trip had both educational and entertaining goals, providing students with the opportunity to improve their English skills, broaden their professional perspectives, and create memories for a lifetime.

During their stay in Kent, the students visited several attractions, including the impressive Canterbury Cathedral and the historic sites of London. They also had the opportunity to participate in a tour of a recording studio, which was perfectly aligned with the focus of their studies.

In addition to the educational activities, the students had a lot of fun discovering English culture and traditions. They danced at a barn dance, participated in a pub quiz, had fun at an African drum workshop, performed at a karaoke and played snooker.

A highlight of the trip was a visit to Margate, a small town near Broadstairs, where the internationally successful film "Empire of Light" was shot.

Overall, the school trip to Kent was an unforgettable experience for the students. They not only improved their English skills but also created unforgettable memories and deepened their friendships. We are already looking forward to planning future school trips and giving our students the opportunity to discover the world.


Text: Julia Meier